Jasper Tourism Site

This responsive redesign of the Jasper, Canada tourism website to capture the openness and freeing atmosphere of this small, northern town. The home page connects to the wide, open spaces found in Jasper, in the Rocky Mountain region, opening on a panoramic image that the user can move throughout by using the arrows, the mouse, or their finger. Rather than using typical tourism site terminology like “About” and “Tours”, the heading navigation uses verbs like “Explore”, “Discover”, and “Savor” to make the user feel more active and involved in the website, as well as more connected to the city.

The about page connects to the warmth surrounding the homey, wooded atmosphere utilizing a trompe l'oeil design and referencing the interior spaces of Jasper. The use of a wood texture creates warmth and a feeling of comfort within the space, as if you were looking through old photographs at the kitchen table. When clicked, each photograph expands to reveal a fact about Jasper’s history.

Date: 2014