Record Redesigns

As a personal project, I decided to rethink and design three of my favorite artists' album artwork. 

The first album is Lana Del Rey's Honeymoon. The album has an ethereal sound that reminded me of the past and old photographs. I used an old black and white image of a woman and reflected it on itself, connecting with the feelings of nostalgia and idea of multiple realities and eras conveyed in Lana's aesthetic and work. An ocean texture was laid on top of the photographs, conveying the calming nature of the sound and creating further depth.

The second album is the Arctic Monkeys' AM album. This album plays sound wave in its visuals and has a punky, nightclub feel. For the artwork, I layered imagery of night clubs, concerts, and dive bars. While some were left as photographs, others were outlined or converted into simple shapes, creating abstract imagery. The AM in the corner uses a wavy typeface to connect with the "Do I wanna know?" music video's theme of musical chords and sound waves. 

The third and final album is Stromae's album, Racine Carrée. On the surface, the music has an upbeat tempo and delightful vibrancy. If you listen to the lyrics, however, you soon realize that the songs delve into some troublesome issues, such as illegitimacy and an abscent father. To portray both the facade and dichotomy that this album creates, I decided to play off the idea of opposites working together, visually represented by warm and cool colors. In the original album artwork, Stromae's profile is used. I wanted to maintain this personal imagery, however, with the gradual deepening of color, I was able to convey the simultaneous depth of his work. 

Date: Fall 2015
Client: Self
Role: Graphic Designer