Enigma Type Foundry Catalog

Created along side three other designers, Amon Bennett, Blakely Mooney and Nikki Puccio, the Enigma Type Foundry Catalog showcases twenty different typefaces, as well as "The Crystal Goblet" article. Rather than a typical book, this catalog is a box set of twenty-one individual booklets, each with an interactive element (i.e. pull tabs, pop-ups, direct manipulation of the paper). The outside of each booklet names the typeface described inside and is color coded to match the font’s category: sans serif, serif, or decorative. Each group member had a hand in the creation of the catalog, however, my biggest contribution was creating the layouts, assembling the physical booklets, making sure the files got to the printer on time and were printed properly, and helping keep the group on task.

Date: Fall 2013
Client: Student Work
Role: Graphic Designer