Downtown College Park

In the spring of 2015, the Downtown College Park Merchants Guild reached out to the University of Maryland's Design Concentration to create a new look to brand the downtown area. The following is the branding system I created, including a main logo, supplementary logos, signage, and promotional materials.

The dashed line used to create each logo, punctuated with a solid dot its beginning and end, is indicative of the line one may see on a map, with Downtown College Park being the ultimate destination. The flexibility of this design means that the supplemental logos could be added to at any time. 

The guild requested signage to visually distinguish the area from the rest of Baltimore Avenue. Rather than large signage in the road medians, I decided to design banner signage that could be utilized on the many street lamps that light this area of College Park. I also proposed the use of sidewalk markings, using the same dashed line theme. This signage would pair the type of signage the university utilizes, while branding the area without distracting drivers.

Date: Spring 2015
Client: The City of College Park
Role: Graphic Designer